Update from Davie County Government


Voting in the Second Primary Election Set for May 14


Davie County, NC – Davie County republican and some unaffiliated voters will have the opportunity to participate in a second primary election on Tuesday, May 14.  This second primary is being held for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor between Hal Weatherman and Jim O’Neill and the Republican nomination for state auditor between Jack Clark and Dave Boliek.

In each instance, the second-place candidate in the March 5 primary election requested a second primary after no candidate received more than 30% of the votes in that contest.

The winners of the second primaries will be the Republican nominees on the November 5 general election ballot.

Who is eligible to vote in 2024 second primaries?

All registered Republicans in North Carolina may vote in the statewide contests for lieutenant governor and state auditor. Also eligible for those contests are unaffiliated voters who either didn’t vote or voted the Republican ballot in the March 5th primary.

Registration of new voters is not permitted between the first and second primaries. This means same-day registration is not available during early voting for the second primary. However, individuals who become eligible to vote between the primary and second primary and who are otherwise eligible to vote in the second primary may register and vote on the day of the second primary, May 14.

Registered voters can find out if they are eligible through the State Board of Elections’ Voter Search tool. Simply type in your name to pull up your voter record, then scroll down to the “Your Sample Ballot” section. If you’re eligible, a link to your sample ballot will appear next to the election date – “05/14/2024 SECOND PRIMARY”.

How You Can Vote

–March 30, 2024: County boards of elections began mailing absentee ballots to eligible voters who submitted an absentee ballot request form. The return deadline for absentee ballots is May 14 by 7:30 pm.

–April 25, 2024: In-person early voting begins.

–May 7, 2024: Absentee ballot request deadline (5 p.m.)*
–May 11, 2024: In-person early voting ends (3 p.m.)

PLEASE NOTE: Early Voting will only be available at the Davie County Board of Elections Office located at 161 Poplar Street, Suite 102 in Mocksville. Early voting hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm (beginning April 25); Saturday early voting will be available on Saturday, May 11 from 8 am to 3 pm.

–May 14, 2024: Election Day. Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: All polling locations in Davie County will be open on May 14 and voters must vote at their assigned polling place. Voters will be required to show photo ID.